35th Infantry Regiment - Commemorative Books, Book Excerpts and Source Materials

"3d Brigade Task Force" Yearbook - 1966 The 3d Brigade Task Force set a new record of continuous days in combat with the completion of Operations Paul Revere phases I to IV. From May 10 to Dec 26 the Brigade completed 230 days of continuous combat, a feat breaking the old record of 165 days set by the 25th Infantry Division in WWII in the Philippines.
The 25th Divison's 25th - The Blue Book 25th Infantry Division Anniversary Edition. The history of the 25th Infantry Division from its formation in 1941 to October 1966. This is a very large file (190MB) and will take some time to load. Thereafter, just save the file to your computer and enjoy.
"4th Infantry Division" Vietnam Yearbook - 1966 Faces of the Famous Fighting Fourth - Vietnam. This book covers all units of the 4th Division involved in its massive 12,000 square mile Area of Operations in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. New arrivals to the Division would have  received this book as an introduction to the Division's operations.
"Stemming the Tide" Chapter 11 covering the early Operations of the 3d Brigade. This excerpt is from John M Carland's Stemming the Tide. The account is an excellent telling of the 3d Brigade's early contributions to the fight for the Central Highlands.  A very good read, full of detail of the overall actions taking place when Col Everette Stoutner commanded.
"Come the Foxes" On 28 Oct 1966, Company C, 2/35th was repeatedly attacked by two companies of NVA. This account was excerpted from the book West to Cambodia by S. L. A. Marshall. Captivating reading for everyone, whether you were there or not. A must read book for those who served in the Central Highlands in 1966.


"One More Sunrise" is written by Curtis Paul Gay, who was a member of A Company, 2/35th in 1966-67. Sgt. Gay was a part of the beleaguered Alpha Company Platoon surrounded by the NVA on 12 March 1967 near the Cambodian Border. A very good read from one who was there.

1964 Welcome to the 1/35th

Welcome pamphlet produced by the 1/35th Infantry