35th Infantry Regiment - Vietnam

I am continuing to update each report with photos and information from our 35th Infantry Regiment members.

Newly added sections include Maps, over 75 Full Issues of the Ivy Leaf and Added Battles from 1967 in Quang Ngai Province

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High Resolution Maps of Vietnam


These are the map sheets that were used during the war. The LZs, FSBs and Battle locations have been noted. on each map. In addition, locations for about 540 of the 35th's KIAs have been added. This is a continuing project that will likely never end. As new information becomes available, it will be added as well.

Daily Staff Journal Reports - Vietnam

Daily Staff Journal reports are the written records of the events and actions for each day. They can provide minute by minute to hour by hour coverage of where they were and what was happening. When used in conjunction with the topographic maps from the time, you can follow where they were on a daily basis. With the help of some very dedicated Cacti we are able to post these to the website.

The Battles


15 March 1966 "First Battle"

Commanders Analysis: Special Thanks to Tony Bisantz, then Commanding Officer of Alpha Co, for this report. "First Battle" 15 March 1966 Alfa Co. 1/35th Infantry was involved in not only its first major battle, but the first major battle of the 3d Brigade Task Force.

15 March 1966

VUA: Recommendation for the Valorous Unit Award A Co, 1/35th Inf.  The men of Alfa Co fought courageously against a superior enemy force. In so doing she won the Valorous Unit Award. Includes Battle schematic and analysis.


Valorous Unit Award A Co 1-35th

Ace of Spades. How it came to signify C Co, 2/35th    

LZ 10 ALFA and the Award of the Presidential Unit Citation: On 28-29 May 1966 Bravo Company 2/35th conducted a combat assault into LZ 10Alfa. In the afternoon Alpha Company 1/35th was lifted in to reinforce. The two companies fought for their lives against the 66th NVA Regiment. This account of the days leading up to this defining battle, and the battle itself, combines official reports with the personal recollections of the men who were there. Actions that won Presidential Unit Citations for Bravo Co 2/35th and Alpha Co 1/35th.

LZ 10 Alfa-Col. Wallace Narrative

Compilation with Maps, Photos and Accounts of those who were there. Includes the background to the battle that was to take place.

LZ 10 Alfa - Capt. Bisantz

The fight at LZ 10 Alfa was of such significance it was used in training courses at the US Army Infantry School, FT Benning, GA.

LZ 10 Alfa - Personal Remembrances

Accounts from the men who were there, on the ground and fighting to keep each other alive.

Presidential Unit Citations for participation in the Battle at LZ 10 Alfa

Recommendation for PUC Co A 1/35th   PUC Alpha 1/35th Recommendation for PUC Co B 2/35th PUC Bravo 2/35th
19 June 1966

Account by Dick Arnold of the actions of Ron Ray, Company A 2/35th leading to the award of the Medal of Honor. Then Lt. Ronald Eric Ray's MOH citation follows.

24 June1966 - Mike Kellermeyer Narrative

Recon 1/35th got into a hellish fight near the Cambodian border. This account is from Mike Kellermeyer, who was the 4.2" Mortar Platoon FO attached to Recon. Alfa Co. was flown in to help out Recon and Charlie Co. was brought in as a blocking force with a platoon from C Troop 3/4th Cav.

24 June 1966 - Ed Hill Narrative

Ed Hill was a Rifleman with Recon 1/35th. This is his account of Recon, with only about 30 men, fighting for survival against a superior North Vietnamese force. Before it was over almost the entirety of Recon was either KIA or WIA.

3 July 1966 Tom Giorgi

3d Platoon, Bravo Company 1/35th were caught in a horrific fight in the Ia Drang River valley in 1966. This account is from Thomas Giorgi, one of the many wounded that day. Before it was over 19 Cacti had lost their lives.

7 July 1966

"Stars and Stripes Reporter Grabs a Gun" An article by Gary Cooper while embedded with Charlie Company 1/35th.

31 July 1966

Company A, 2/35th, while on an assignment to assess the results of an arc light mission (B-52 Airstrike), made contact with an estimated battalion size force in the Ia Drang Valley in Kontum Province west of Pleiku. This account was excerpted from the Annual Historical Supplement for 1966.  This action took place at the end of Operation Paul Revere I.

2 August 1966

LZ 36J - At the beginning of Operation Paul Revere II, Company A, C, and Recon Platoon, 2/35th, went back to the area of contact from 31 July, 1966. The battalion had just moved to LZ 36J. For its actions that day, Alpha Co was awarded the Valorous Unit Award, a copy of which is included in the report.


Valorous Unit Award: Alpha Co 2/35th

27 October 1966

On 27 Oct 1966, during Operation Paul Revere IV, Company B, 2/35th,  was patrolling near the battalion CP when it became involved with the NVA.

28 October 1966

On 28 Oct 1966, as part of Operation Paul Revere IV, Company C, 2/35th was attacked by an estimated two companies of NVA.  Withstanding attack after attack, this is the story of that day.

1 March 1967

While the 2/35th was near the Cambodian border in early 1967, the 1/35th Infantry was participating in OP Pershing on the eastern coast of Vietnam. Recon 1/35th was in a fight for their life.

6 March 1967

The Battle at Hoa Tan: B Co, 1/35th Infantry, in OP Pershing, became heavily involved in the battle at Hoa Tan. Before it was over, the entire Battalion had been moved into positions to surround the village.

12 March 1967: A Compilation

This account is a compilation of observations from those who were there, daily journal entries, the After Action Report and news articles. The battle involved all three companies of the 2/35th and is one of the defining battles of 1967.

12 March 1967

C Company commander, Cpt. Ron "Rick" Rykowski prepared this report of the actions. Detailed with his maps of the day's actions.

12 March 1967

A Pacific Medic Dies... Account from a reporter who interviewed soldiers immediately after the battle.

21 March 1967: A Compilation

Again, this is a compilation of the 21 March, 1967 battle. Included area maps, photos from those who were there, and accounts taken from not only the After Action Report but from the perspective of those directly involved.

"One-Niner" 21-22 March 1967

2/35th This is the official After Action Report as transcribed by Dave Butters who as the Operations Sergeant for the 2/35th when this battle took place. He named the battle for the RTO, "One Niner Seirra", who was KIA during the fight.

21-22 March 1967

This is the account of Maj. Ben Crosby, the Battalion XO at the time. LTC Granger and the battalion command group choppered into the area of the fighting in the attempt to link up with Charlie Company.

From April of 1967 through much of the remainder of the year, the 3d Brigade Task Force operated in the coastal lowlands and surrounding hills of Quang Ngai Province in southern I Corps. The province had been a sanctuary for Communists and Communist sympathizers, who were estimated to be 80% of the population. The units of the Task Force would go on to win the Valorous Unit Award for its efforts, from 22 April to 20 August, 1967, in driving the enemy from its strongholds and hiding places. A feat no prior unit had been able to achieve. The following are the After Action Reports (AAR) and excerpts (VUA) from the recommendation for the Valorous Unit Award.

16 April 1967

AAR: The 35th Infantry had just arrived at the Duc Pho area. It didn't take very long to be welcomed by the VC. Battle at Thach Thang. Blue Team 1/9th Cav, A and C Companies 2/35th.

3D Brigade Task Force Operations

VUA: Operations Report for the period 22 April to 20 August 1967, including AO Map and Enemy Location Map


22-23 April 1967

VUA: Battle of Thiep Son 2 expanded from the initial contact by C Company, 1/35th to include B Co and Recon.

12 May 1967

AAR: Further welcoming the 3d Brigade and the 35th Infantry Regiment to the communist stronghold around Duc Pho,  the 2/35th's FSB at LZ Liz came under mortar attack on 12 May.

19-20 May 1967

VUA: Battle of Nga Man began with contact by Recon, 1/35th. It soon became evident that an estimated battalion size force was involved. A Co and B Co, 1/35th, along with B Co 2/35th and an element of the Blue Team, 1-9th Cav, were inserted to surround the enemy.

19-20 May 1967

AAR: The Battle of Vien Hien is named for the villages in which it was fought. This fight covered two days of intense fighting by A and C Companies 2/35th along with APCs from the 3/4th Cav. At battle's end 89 VC had been killed, but at the expense of six 35th Infantry and two 3/4th Cav Troops KIA.

19-20 May 1967

VUA: The Battle of Vien Hien including battle maps and assessment taken from the VUA recommendation. Includes battle maps.

22-23 May 1967

VUA: The Battle at Dien Truong 4 began with A Co 1/35th in pursuit of the 22nd NVA Regiment.  Once it was recognized that they were opposed by a battalion size force, additional units were brought in. B Co and C Co(-), 1/35th, along with the 1/9th Cav, the 3/4th Cav and B Co, 2/35th surrounded the enemy. When the fighting ended, the 7th Bn, 22d NVA Regiment had been destroyed.

27-30 May 1967

AAR: The Battle of Tan Phong stretched over a three day period. The Blue Team from 1/9th Cav initially fought to survive an NVA onslaught. C Troop 3-4th Cav (APCs) with Recon 2/35th were brought into the fight. Later Bravo Co. 2/35th joined in a sweep that put the enemy on the run. But not for long. Set up in ambushes located to the west, 3B's ambush came under heavy mortar attack and assault, with the NVA breaching the perimeter.

27-30 May 1967

VUA: The Battle at Tan Phong as excerpted from the recommendation for the Valorous Unit Award. Includes maps and battle assessments.

21-22 June 1967

VUA: The Battle at Red Hill involved A Co(-) 1/14th, A Co, 2/35th and Recon, 2/35th. Following reports of a large VC presence, the maneuver elements were Combat Assaulted (Helo) to positions surrounding the area. A Co came immediately under attack.

15 July 1967

AAR: Major Gerold Tippin's account of "Chargin' Charlies' Charge". Outside of artillery range and in jungle too deep and dense for gunship support Charlie Company 1/35th had no other option. Forming online they charged through the enemy positions.

15 July 1967

VUA: Charlie Company, 1/35th proved the worth of their skill and training in defeating an entrenched enemy. Battle maps and assessment included.

8 August 1967

AAR: The Battle of An Ba occurred far in the northern section of the Task Force's AO. Following intelligence reports of a large VC force in the area, A Co, C Co and Recon, 2/35th were inserted and soon found the enemy trying to elude to the north. To further close the encirclement, A Co, 1/14th was later inserted to the west.

8 August 1967

VUA: The Battle at An Ba is depicted in narrative and maps as included in the recommendation for the VUA. When it concluded, 65 enemy had been KIA.

20 August 1967

AAR: The Battle at An Thach - A Battle of Tanks, C/2/34th Armor, and Infantry, Recon 2/35th, working together. To complete the encirclement, B Co, 2/35th moved in from the north by foot, and A Co, 2/35th was inserted to the southwest.

20 August 1967

NEWS: Maj. Ben Crosby's article from Armor Magazine about the battle "5-Zero Yankee"

20 August 1967

VUA: The Battle at An Thach is the last battle included in the recommendation for the VUA for the 3d Bde Task Force. The enemy was forced into the hills and denied its previous access to the rich rice farmlands. Quang Ngai Province was now in the control of US Forces.


9 October 1967

Dick Arnold - Tim Peters 1/35th

13-14 November 1967

1/35th Dick Arnold

2 Feb 1968

1/35th Dick Arnold

4 Apr 1968

1/35th Dick Beal, CO A Co on actions at LZ Mile High

6 Mar 1969

1/35th Joel Mayne and David Fogg

1 Nov 67-30 Apr 68

Full text of Meritorious Unit Commendation recommendation - 2/35th Includes AO maps and a daily synopsis of events for this period. A very good overview of six months in the life of a grunt.

Operational Reports and Lessons Learned 1966-1970
Battalion Level Reports 3d Bde Task Force Reports 4th Division Reports Miscellaneous
1966 Annual Historical Supplement 2/35th Operation 'Blue Light' 4th Div to 31 Jan 1967 History of the 35th Infantry Regiment

OP Sam Houston 2/35th Jan-31 Mar 1967

OP Lincoln-25 Mar to 7 Apr 1966 OP Sam Houston 1 Jan-5 Apr 1967

OP LeJeune 1st Cav Div 6-22 Apr 1967

OP LeJeune 2/35th 16 Apr 1967

OP Longfellow-17 Apr to 1 May 1966 4th Div 1 Nov 1967 to 31 Jan 1968  

OP Baker 2/35th 1 May-31 Jul 1967

1 May to 31 July 1966 4th Div OP Mathews 24 may-12 Jun 1968  
OP Baker 2/35th 1Aug-31 Oct 1967 1 Aug to 31 Oct 1966 4th Div 1 May 1968 to 31 Jul 1968

4th Div Edited for 1&2/35th May to Jul 1968

OP Baker 1 Aug-31 Oct Original Copy 1 Aug to 31 Oct 1966 Transcribed 4th Div 1 Aug 1968 to 31 Oct 1968

4th Div Edited for 1&2/35th Aug to Oct 1968

1967 Annual Historical Supplement 2/35th

1 Nov 1966 31 Jan 1967

4th Div 1 Nov 1968 to 31 Jan 1969  
Lessons Learned - Nov 1966 to Sept 1967

OP Thayer II 3 Jan-12 Feb 1967

4th Div 1 Feb 1969 to 30 Apr 1969  

1967 Annual Historical Supplement 1/35th

OP Pershing 12 Feb-19 Apr 1967

4th Div 1 Aug 1969 to 31 Oct 1969  

PIO Pamphlet 1/35th 1968-70

1 Feb-30 Apr 1967


OP Binh Tay I 2/35th 6-13 May 1970

OP LeJeune 19-22 Apr 1967

4th Div 1 Feb 1970 to 30 Apr 1970   

OP Putnam Paragon 2/35th 21 May-28 June 1970

1 May-31 Jul 1967 4th Div 1 May to 31 Jul 1970  

OP Wayne Fast 2/35th 28 Jun-14 Jul 1970

1 Aug-31 Oct 1967 4th Div AAR Cambodia 5-25 May 1970

Helo Crash 2/35th on 13 May 1970

LZ Welch to Abbey 2/35th 14 July

1 Nov 1967-31 Jan 1968 4th Div 1 Aug 1970 to 31 Oct 1970  

OP Wayne Span 2/35th 17-27 Jul 1970

1 Nov 67-31 Jan 68 Edited


OP Wayne Pierce 2/35th 29 Jul-27 Aug 1970

1 Feb-30 Apr 1968    

Stand-down Camp Radcliff 2/35th 27 Aug-7 Sep 1970

1 Feb-30 Apr 68 Edited


OP Wayne Force 2/35th 8 Sep-1 Oct 1970


OP Putnam Paragon 2/35th 5-12 Oct 1970


News Articles from Various ARMY Publications

Tropic Lightning News: Excerpted Articles from the TLN that cover the 1/35th and 2/35th while with the 3d Bde Task Force      1966         1967

IVY LEAF: Over 75 full scans of the Ivy Leaf, the 4th Division's publication in Vietnam. Special thanks to Adele Willenbecher and the 1/12th Red Warriors for sharing these scans. The 35th Infantry Regiment Association donated most of these to Texas Tech, but it was Adele who got them to release the scans to the public. Update: Three more issues contributed by Lyle Shargent have been added.  Follow this link to the Ivy Leaf Index Page for these scans.

Bronco Bugle:, the publication of the 3d Brigade, 25th Division, later, of the 4th Division. Scanned copies provided by Lyle Shargent, C/1/35 67-68

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Photo Sets
Robert Lafoon DASPO Photos

Howard Breedlove DASPO Photos

Misc DASPO Photos

Art Johnson A/2/35th 1966-67

Chuck Laws A/HHC 2/35th 1968 PIO Set 1 Jim Anderson B/2/35th 1967-68
Berry Davis C/Btry 2/9th Arty w B/2/35th 1968 Chuck Laws A/HHC 2/35th 1968 PIO Set 2 Ken Smith C/2/35th 1967-68
Bill Grimes HHC&B/2/35th 1965-66 Chuck Laws A/HHC 2/35th 1968 PIO Set 3 Kent Ferrie B&C/2/35th 1967-68
Brent McClellan Wpns C/2/35th 1968-69 Chuck Laws A/HHC 2/35th 1968 PIO Set 4 Ron Braun C/2/35th 1967-68
Doc Olea & Bill Kandel Medics D/1/35 1968-69 Harry Smith A/1/35th 1969-70 Roger Suprenant B&D/2/35th 1967-68
Don Blankin B/Btry 2/9th Arty w C/2/35th 1968 Herman Logan A/2/35h 1967-68 Walter Twyford B/2/35th 1967-68
Gary Groner B/2/35th 1967-68 Jack Reed C Troop 3/4th Cav 1966-67 Wayne Glass A/1/35th 1970
Below are Individual News Articles, Memoirs, and Items of Interest
1966-70 Various News articles

"Lt X - An NVA's Story"

KIA Study by Dick Arnold

"Remember When" by Bob Maves    
Books, Book Excerpts, Source Materials
"3d Brigade Task Force" Yearbook - 1966 The 3d Brigade Task Force set a new record of continuous days in combat with the completion of Operations Paul Revere phases I to IV. From May 10 to Dec 26 the Brigade completed 230 days of continuous combat, a feat breaking the old record of 165 days set by the 25th Infantry Division in WWII in the Philippines.
"4th Infantry Division" Vietnam Yearbook - 1966 "Faces of the Famous Fighting Fourth - Vietnam. This book covers all units of the 4th Division involved in its massive 12,000 square mile Area of Operations in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. New arrivals to the Division would have  received this book as an introduction to the Division's operations.
"Stemming the Tide" by John M Carland Chapter 11 covering the early Operations of the 3d Brigade. This excerpt was submitted by Marshall Jackson. The account is an excellent telling of the 3d Brigade's early contributions to the fight for the Central Highlands.  A very good read, full of detail of the overall actions taking place when Col Everette Stoutner commanded.
"Come the Foxes" On 28 Oct 1966, Company C, 2/35th was repeatedly attacked by two companies of NVA. This account was excerpted from the book West to Cambodia by S. L. A. Marshall. Captivating reading for everyone, whether you were there or not. A must read book for those who served in the Central Highlands in 1966.


"One More Sunrise" is written by Curtis Paul Gay, who was a member of A Company, 2/35th in 1966-67. Sgt. Gay was a part of the beleaguered Alpha Company Platoon surrounded by the NVA on 12 March 1967 near the Cambodian Border. A very good read from one who was there.