35th Infantry Regiment - 1916-1941



1916 Beginnings at Douglas, AZ and The Battle of Ambos Nogales


At the time of her formation in 1916, tensions were high with neighboring Mexico. Cross border raids were threatening Americans, the war in Europe was raging and it was known that Germany was actively trying to get Mexico to join in their side. These tensions erupted on August 27, 1918 into the conflict to become known as the "Battle of Ambos-Nogales" where the 35th Infantry Regiment suffered her first KIAs. For over a hundred years Private William H Klint (Clint) was noted in numerous writings as the first casualty of that battle. Private Clint was wounded in the battle but did not die. Through research and contact with his grandchildren we've been able to tell his story in this segment.

Russell M Brown Photo Collection


Russell M Brown Collection as provided by Paul Roales. Russell was a member of Headquarters Company, 35th Infantry Regiment in 1918. His photo can also be found in the 1918 Yearbook.


1918 Yearbook

A Historical and

Photographic Record

of the 35th US Infantry


This copy of the 1918 Yearbook - 35th Infantry Regiment was donated by Jim Davis, whose grandfather served with the 35th. The yearbook was published after the Battle of Ambos Nogales and just before the transfer of the 35th to the 18th Division in preparation for deployment to Europe. With the end of WWI, that deployment never came , but many 35th troops were previously transferred to units fighting in Europe.

Pictured left is Colonel James H Frier, first commander of the 35th Infantry Regiment

From the 18th Division to Assignment to the 25th Infantry Division 


Even before the Battle of Ambos-Nogales broke out, the 35th Infantry Regiment was being transferred to the 18th Division with the purpose of deploying to join the fighting in Europe. With the capitulation of the Germans and the end of the war, the short lived 18th Division was disbanded and the 35th was sent to Camp Lewis in Washington state to provide mine and dam security. This too proved to be a short term assignment as the 35th was transferred to Hawaii, the "crossroads of the Pacific", in 1920. And then assigned to the newly formed Hawaiian Division in early 1921, where she would serve for the next twenty years. On 1 October 1941, the Hawaiian Division was broken up into two divisions and the 25th Infantry Division was born.